Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Balik Kedah


Salam readers.
*Try to write a short post*
Settle all the problems in my hostel, Final Year Project stuff (topic chosen: susceptibility of Metisa Plana towards several pesticides), and practical training during semester break, I quickly ran to the bus station and buy Transnasional tickets. (not actuall run, but with motorcycle.. ;p)

And today, at 6.00 a.m after a long, tiring and expensive (RM54.00 oke) journey, I had arrived in Alor Star bus station. The journey took about like 9 hours...huhu. I managed to get a single seat, but sadly I sat at the very back one....10C...huhu. Seriously the journey reminds me the situation while riding a horse! huhuu.

and Yeayyyhhhh!....after EIGHT months, here I come home again! feel so excited to see my house...I guess there are no big changes, except mama had decorate her orchid's garden better. My parents are a bit passion about orchid. :)

So, here I am now in Kedah's land. I love the morning's air & humidity, so fresh...but at the afternoon, the hot is no more less back in Terengganu (I bet every part of Malaysia do)...huhu. I feel so excited to be back in my house again. However, I will only stay here for a week, as I need to spend the rest two months doing practical.

I love coming back home to see the rapid changes and development that been carried out by the current government. I could feel that the slogan of "Kedah Sejahtera" is in the air. They really cares for the people. The development and welfare comes together. Even I don't really "explore" yet, but my observation during my way back from bus station gave good impression. :)

Lastly, I think I'm going to the World Muay Thai Challenge Piala Diraja Kedah III. It will takes place at Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim, at 8 - 9 Mei 2010. So guys, JOM PI KEDAH! Come and let us watch the match together. :)


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