Sunday, May 16, 2010

Degree Practical


Salam readers.

Today (16 Mei 2010) is my First Day in Second Practical (as I had go through once last year in different places). Chronology for my practical applications:-
1- apply practical for Technology Park Malaysia in Bukit Jalil, but no respons even they actually had promise to give us places. ~maybe they are busy~ (trying to give good impressions)
2- apply for Malaysian Palm Oil Berhad (MPOB) but was rejected as they had already accepted someone else earlier.
3- last strike, I deal with my lecturer for Sime Darby Plantations in Banting but sadly, I have to "let go" and pass it to my other classmates that also didn't get places yet. *sigh*
4- God knows best. I remember Plant Protection Unit in Agricultural Department Gong Pauh, and they had accepted our application! ~yeayh~

First Day Practical.
Greet with big cute smile, we quickly introduced ourself and met with Encik Zazali b Chik. He is the Head of Unit here, also acts as our Industrial Supervisor. Seriously he was really a nice person and a good presentor (as he delivered a good presentation & briefing on our assignment, work schedule and introduction to AREA WIDE CONTROL for Bactrocera Sp. (fruit flies)

My Working Schedule and Assignment
Just to share with u guys, my working schedule. :)

If I got free time, I will share facts and info on this Bactrocera Sp. Until then, thanx for your kind attention. ~bye~


~ecam~ said...

wooo...banyak keje tu...gud luck~


agak byk insyaALLAH akan kutempuhi.. ~ayat gramatis~ haha...thanx sahabat!

ika said... byk sal nak bkenal2an ngn lalat2 je??ok2..t jgn lupe share kepakaran senior sal lalat2 k!:)

anomsaid@AS said...

lets work together, dear...
jgn mls2..
kte rotan nnt

ayuku said...

bestla..plant protection :)
blaja byk2..
n hati2, jgn xcidnt2 lg..


ika- no problem! tp smpai skrg x start pape lg..huhu.

anom- baeklah cik anom. :)

kak ayu- sgt2 best akak..hehe. insyaALLAH, akan 300% lebih berhati2 lg pasnie...

zUlaikha rAzak said...

haha..tape2..make sure t i blek maidam..u dah expert abes sal lalat k..senior lalat!;p


insyaALLAH, nti 5 minggu lg confirm dah expert..nti kalau laptop dah okay, i will share a bit bout Bactrocera Sp yg dah rosakkan buah2 kita sampai 60%...even Jepun buat Pulau Khas untuk jaga dari lalat buah masok pon gagal utk tangani masalah nie.. ;)

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