Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Weeks Break.


Salam Readers.

For the last two weeks, I really had a *busy time...(konon study). No FBooking, No Blogging, No Article Reading, and No Commenting....say NO to all this!
Actually, I do browse all the webs listed but yeah, in a very minimize amount..just comes in to check if there is anything "HOT" that needs urgent reply...(creating reasons so it won't seems like I'm breaking my own rules)..hehee.

Now, I have comes back to this world. World of updating, world of publishing, world of uploading, world of posting, world of commenting, and world of sharing. :) I LOVE this world! It connects people, make people feels like we were only miles away while actually we were thousands! Feels like we were only minutes in voice instead we were years!

Okay, back to topic. Two weeks time, what I have done? Primarily, it is all due to Final Sem 6 Exams that takes part from 18 - 29th of April. This semester, I need to take Six subjects, with 15 credits (the only semester with lowest credit, but hardest!).

- Aqidah dan Akhlak (University subjects) on 18 April
- Animal Cell Cutlure (Prof A. Manaf (TNC UDM) & Dr Aied) on 19 April
- Plant Breeding (Prof Md Noor) on 21 April
- Post Harvest Technology (Assoc Prof Dr Senawi) on 25 April
- Aquaculture (Mr Shazni & Mrs Shazni a.k.a Pn. Norshida) on 29 April
Commercial Micropropagation (Prof Hafsah)

The most stress things on exam, when I saw my friends get out from hall early. (e.g ENCIK ANNAS) Argh! It makes me think the question is easy, and all my friends can even answer with one eyes closed. But why is it so hard for me? Seriously I tried my best to recall, but some things really don't want to "express themself"..huhu. I even get questions with, "do I ever learn this?"..hahaaa. So, with all the things and skills I had been practicing since DARJAH 1, this is what I do.....
~menembak dengan jayanye.... ;p ~

And now, everything had finished! Feel a bit relief, but already wonder what a "colorful result" it would be..huhu. semua exam susah!  Hurm, hope the examiners would be a bit linear to award me extra marks...wish I could get good results, even I know I don't really put as much efforts as needed. 

Anyway, please pray for my success! I promise if I get greats, please claim for my treats. ;)
And to my dearest brilliant friends who always do gave me moral supports; CIK HANOM SAID,  ENCIK SEMALAM a.k.a NAZRIENCIK ASYRAF, and CIK HAJAR hope u all get greats k...I will always pray for u guyz....Okay, done on "expressing exam mode" post. Until next, bye2...thanx for readings!


mryesterday said...

oooo..patut la ko tak online mase exam period..ko study ek...hahaha

mne ko tau aku jawab exam ngan mate sebelah je...ko jeling jwpn aku ek haha

owh ade nme aku disitu...hahaha

anomsaid@AS said...

emm nmpknyer ader nm aku disitu...
mmg HARUs...kahkahkahhhhhh...

besela asrul....
kwn mmg sntsa plu back up-mmbackup...
i'll olwez be by ur side no matter wat was hepen and wat it price...
wen u r ep, i'll laugh and smile together wif u
when u r down, i'll olwez try my best to cheer u up..
jz wat we r done together b4..

i'll olwez be by ur side even at ur lowest part of ur life when others r step away from u..
u may count on me...
dont hesitate...
dat wats fwen for...

zUlaikha rAzak said...

nice post cik asrul!
btw..sumtymes ppl went out from xm hall bcoz they even didnt noe how 2 answer those tyme..dun let this thing bothered u k!!!confident wif ur own self,itu yg tbaek..hehehe:)


nazri- xdela stady mane sgt pn...dah x online, byk menyembang la pulak..hehee. annas la bwk pengaruh myembang..huhu

anom- ouwh, terharu sungguh dengan statement cik hanom itu....bak kate bonzer, "kawan sampai mati k?"... ;)

ika- kadang2 takot jugak kalau slalo positive thinking..hehe. nti terase mcm, "org laen xleh jawab smpai kwa dewan, so, relax je least kalau ade tekanan cket, maka otak ini akan tiba2 jd sgt kreatif untuk menembak menjadikan jawapan sgt panjang... ;o

nuyu farhan said...

selamat cutiiii asrul :D

ASRUL ANWAR said... cuti seminggu jek...huhu

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