Sunday, April 25, 2010

its all about "ApriL"


Salam Readers.

First time on BLOG, I would like to share a bit on my personal life. I will try to make this post as short as possible to avoid u people get bored. So, please read and comments if u free k.. :)

I feel very excited to share with u guys about "ApriL" (bukan nama sebenar). And I can't deny this feeling of happiness. So happy as I really can't stop myself form writing bout her. Actually I have been watching and waiting for her for months. But yeah, you know I'm a "shy-guy" types. So, I just let the feelings inside alone. No confessions. No approaching movement. Never ask for an out, definitely.

But somehow, she came to me. What? Seriously I feel very shocked. I was frozen by the statement. Its like my heart stops beating. (err, mcm terjiwang lebih plak disini..hehe. sorry). So, I grab the chance to be with her. Watching her for like, 25 hours per day and 8 days per week. (hyperbola mode). She always makes me smile. Her acts makes me want to laugh. Her move makes me feel alive. Never an earth I was treated that way. I bet  nobody can ever compete with her. And err...emmm...I hope we could live together happily for the rest of my lives. :)

Hurm, I know its too early but here I want to share with u guys my special "ApriL". :)
~tadaaaa! my cute little apriL~

maen sembunyi2 lak dye... ;)

and this is her happy house.. :)

dats all..thank you for reading the post about my special "her"... :)


anomsaid@AS said...

emm thanx, asrul to be a great 'daddy' to my little 'april' awk da bt kte jeles taw. npe awk yg post bout our 'april' b4 me..dush999999~~ xpe, wait for my post plak. huhuuuu =p

ira kecik said...

hahahaha...ingtkan pe la td...awekz mane la yg die tersangkut...ngee~

april ek name die??cpe bg?nk gak...=)


anom- welcome...sape suh lambat..padan muka..hahaaa

iera- hehee..."sangkut" kt awek nye cik "april" love LIVES.. :)

ira kecik said...

asrul: cpe bg?

anomsaid@AS said...

ira: xde cpe2 bg beliau..
beliau tu yg da bg april kt anom pstu ble anom bg beliau pluang utk jg april jap, terus beliau amo pulangkn balik kt anom...agak buruk siku beliau d c2..huhuuu~~

asrul: ku rindu april ku..sob3~~

"pulangkn hak aku!!!"
(nada Potianak harum sundal mlm..hikhikhik)


ira- erm, anom dah "bukak cter lah pulak..hehe. so kesimpulannye bukan hak asrul lg dah...its anom's..huhu

anom- tgoklah keadaan bila aquarium nie dah nk kene tukar air, kte kasi la kt awak..hehee

anomsaid@AS said...

ok asrul....
tp xpe..awk jg dlu molek2 deh..asalkn dyer ckp mkn [mcm awk] n sihat...kte xkesah pown..coz i no u'll do de best for her
i noe i can count on u, bebeh..hikhikhik =p

ain fathihah said...

eiwww, comel!


yeahh, she cute kan.. ;)

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