Monday, April 12, 2010

Final Year Research Topics.


Salam readers.

Next semester, I had to start with my final year research project. For my course, we need to run our own research (mainly on agriculture and biotechnology) and present it during the last semester, after we finished all the thesis or report journal writing. 

To choose the best one, makes me so confused. Many factors need to be considered. I had to decide on topic that i have interest in it, the one that have a bright future prospect, easy and applicable to be accomplished (as we only do final year research project for degree, not master or pHD okay), easy to be evaluated and scored, and the most important is that I myself must have a strong desire to accomplished it. :)

To make things easier, I had narrow down some scope for my future topic. I have strong interest in Entomology, or precisely pest (INSECT) on crops. I see some future on it, as according to my lecturer, Malaysia still have a lack of experts in this field. And up to date, insect had caused up to 35% loss to our agriculture and had become one of the major factor that caused big loss to the industry. I had approached some of my lecturer and discussed the topics on this field. Just to share with u guys, these are some "description" on my future topics;

a- research on the natural enemies for bagworm-ulat bungkus (Metisa Plana Walker).
i had to rare the natural enemies of this bagworm, namely as Apantalese Metisae Nixon on the laboratory. but first, i will need to identify the "effectiveness" of this natural enemies. Wether it can really be applied on field, wether it is easy to manage, and wether this natural enemies really could "destroy" the bagworm that caused a big loss in oil palm (44% loss!). if it mets all this requirement, so I will rare this natural enemy and observe it from the stage in egg, larvae, until it died.

b- research on pest of kenaf (Jatropha Curcas)
in Terengganu, they had started a big project on kenaf. However, our kenaf is too short and gives low yield due to the outbreak of this bug "Anomala albupilosa" and worm (I forget its name, hehe..sorry). So, my lecturer suggested me to do research on this two pests. However, it is a big topics and I can choose wether to  narrow it down to study on the population of the the pests, to study on natural enemies of this pests, or related to toxicology to observe which chemical pesticide is more effective in killing the pests, costs, and wether it gives effect on environments. 
Anomala species

c- study of citrus pests at citrus valley
I dont really discuss this topic with the lecturer yet. The topic was proposed by my respective lecturer himself, and Prof Madya Dr Hasbullah has a "big name" on this entomology field. So, if i do research under him, definitely I wil have a bonus on his name.. hehe (politics). However, I can say that if I chose this topic, I will be doing all the entomology traps and observe all the pests that attacks citrus. Which means, I will have to evaluate so many species..huhu.

hurm, I guess thats all on the topics that comes across my mind. I hope I could chose the best one. Do pray for me keyh. :)
*sorry if it sounds complex, but I had tried my best to express everything in the simplest way.


Mr.YesterdaY said...

cis ko report dh siap ke...bleh plak blogging...

aku nk wat gak la...nanti kan similar post dari aku...


hehee..aku nmpk tanda2 nazri jelesz disitu... ;D

report x siap aku rase nk menulis jugak something bout FYP malam ni biarlah aku x betol2 decide topic muktamad lgpun. :)

Anonymous said...

pape pn gudluck FYP nnti..saje singgah jap

Anonymous said...
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