Saturday, April 03, 2010

My Favourite Sports


Salam readers. Its been a while since I updated my blog. I have been thinking a lot on what topic should i "reveal" here. At last, I had come out to say on "my favourite sports"..(ade ala2 macam karangan mase skolah rendah kan? ;)  Okay, lets go straight away on my favourite sports. 

At the age of six, I love any games that related to superbikes...I remember my dad told me that I would be very angry if anybody changes TV programme that shows superbikes, always wanted to have a superbike and shout to have it if any superbike comes across my eyes.. ;p

imagine in future if i park this bike outside my house. :)

In primary schools, this is the first sport that I know. (mainly because I was elected as Committee Member for Badminton Club..hehe). My dad had to sent me twice a week for training at Stadium Jalan Kolam in Alor Star. Unluckily, i just manage to join for 3 weeks before my dad stop sending me there due to his busyness..huhu.

my Badminton's idol...once and forever. :)

Started to play basketball in form Two. I found this sports to be so amazing. :) During that time I bold my hair (not really bold sampai botak chin okay) and suddenly this Slamdunk comics become so famous. So, I was always associated with the character, until they called me "Hanamichi"...hahaaa. Do represents my sportshouse back then in Form 3 and Form 5, and our Team had became indisputable winner...While in MARA College of Kulim, once again I got a chance to represent my college but my parents did not allow as they want me to focus more on studies. So, I was only made as Team B to play for any friendly match. :(
Anyway, I still LOVES basketball.

1- hanamichi sakuragi.     2- picture of players doing lay up.

As a Malay, I always have a spirit to preserve my own heritage, Silat. Listening to an old folks stories of how great our martial arts are, makes me feel so anxious about it. Start to learn silat formally in Form 1, with Silat Lok 9. I don't really understand the syllabus as I skipped a few classes..hehe. Furthermore, this silat teaches us more on senaman rather than its move. While I was in form Two, Silat Lok 9 is not available anymore. MRSM Langkawi had brings us a more better and established, Silat Gayong Malaysia. I was really excited about this martial arts and my sifu, Abg Apiz had done its job well in teaching us. He teaches us a lots, and with his helps and highly committed, we manage to win many medals in Kejohanan Silat MRSM Se-Malaysia and MRSM Langkawi become a mouth-buzz as a "big name". I myself had won Gold Medal and became the Top Scorer among all. We really enjoy being with him and until now, I don't want any other sifu to teach me Silat except him. :)

Logo Persatuan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia (PSSGM)

this is my Great Sifu, Abg Apiz. :)

My latest favourite sports. I love horses, as it is one of intelligent animals. Furthermore it is one of sunnah, right. Starts to join Equestrian in UDM Ko-Kurikulum, and a first batch student to register it back in Fourth Semester (last year, January until April 2009). With a mission to master in riding horses, a few of us had decided to established a club named as UDM Equestrian Club (UDMEC) and i was elected as its "Ex-Officio". However, i don't have a chance to continue riding since I moved to UDM Kampus KOTA hostel, it had became so hard on us without any transports provided. Our coach, one of the big stars in this arena (Mr Nazulki Muda), had even once offered me to join Endurance Challenge but due to lack of practises, he cancelled the plan. :(

I guess thats all on the sports that i LOVE. There are a few more, but they don't really manage to capture my heart (ayat jiwang)...haha. The sports are like volleyball, ping-pong, futsal, softball, chess, and etc. Until then, thanks for spending your time reading. Bye.  :)


Anonymous said...

nice..lyke it =)


like it as well... ;p

sitihajarsaadon said...

congkak xnk maen??


aiy..perli congkak used to be one of my favourite indoor games..nanti aku cter pasal indoor games yg aku maen plak ea. :)

zUlaikha rAzak said...

cik hanamichi...i tried to imagine my glamorous senior with cute bold head..haha..btw..

jom lawan badminton!=)


yes cik ika....haha, tenkiu if u kate cute...i would say, "no comment".. ;p

jom! ble?

zUlaikha rAzak said...

nak ayat artis je..cehhh..haha

jom jugak!anytyme u free..i sgt ske badminton ny..hehehe


hurmm..setiap petang free nk maen ktne?

little girl said...

cik zulaikha sgt suke maen ngn u jela senior..
sbb ngn ktrg xpena tuwun pon..ngahahaa


yea? hurm, nti bolehla kte maen ramai2.. :)

little girl said...

yup boley saje..(>,<)

little girl said...
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jom! when is the tournament? sape kalah blanje k.... ;)

little girl said...


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