Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Words on Monsoon Cup


Salam Readers.

"where champions are made".
The quotes are written at the shirt I buy on the last day for Monsoon Cup 2010. I really love it, that I can't just stand and watch other people buy and "pakai terus" at the event...geram!..hehe. The words itself bring thousands of meaning for me...its like I'm in some kind of race and trying so hard to win the "CHAMPION" title. So, I went straight away to the counter...but oops, I forgot to withdraw money!! LOL...I had become "chetti" on that day, borrowing money from my friends..thanx Asyraf Razak! So, here it is..
- exclusive Monsoon Cup t-shirt model! -

Okay, enough on the t-shirt. Lets go about the Monsoon Cup. I don't think I will write a five paragraph essay. Maybe pictures will tell u more. ^^

- the plan map of racing, and how it is played -

- team involved -

- score board, end up with Ben Ainsle from Team Origin becomes CHAMPION -

- Big Screen for spectators -

- some views around the venue, Riyaz Heritage in Pulau Duyong -

- the race began! -

After the event, we went straight away to a "secret" place for dinner.

I think of going there again next week...jom!


me_nazri said...

gambar same!!!


heehee..dah gamba pn limited edition kn... :P

Nuyu Yusof said...

bestttttttttttttttttttttt :))

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