Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Memories in 2010, 11 Hopes for 2011

10 Memories in 2010

1. Secretary for Students Representative Council ends.

2. APROL, on 1st April 2010. (how apriL got its name...)

3. Accident!...

4. My brother pursue his degree in University of Sydney.

5. Final Year Project (kenaf)

6. Reunion versi Utara (MRSM Langkawi Ex-Students)

7. Hari Raya Aidilfitry Classmate Trip Convoy.

8. Class trip memories

9. Mama first shop. (visit: Blog Kedai)

10. Tersenarai dalam Dean's List.
*harap maaf, keputusan tak dapat dicetak* hehe

ALHAMDULILLAH, a year has passed. there are actually lots of memories. some i can share, some i don't. Btw, thank you 2010 for a very grateful, wonderful, and colourful year. The most important, thank you ALLAH S.W.T. And welcome 2011. May we all be blessed, amin. Happy 2011 to all.

11 Hopes for 2011

1. Finish 8th Semester with "flying colors"
2. Further Master in Agriculture field (nk belajar smpai tua...)
3. Options to work in a private company
4. Start Gold Investment
5. Iphone 4 (kalau xde duet, E72 je...)
6. Nikon DSLR
7. New bike
8. Kereta
9. A serious perfect relationship.. ;)
10. Actively participate with silat again.
11. I want to be a Good Muslim!


me_nazri said...

wait for my post similar to u....


olraiytt...bila dah siap nti, letak link kt FB aku k...waiting...

cT_nuRizZaTi said...

gudluck ex mr.pres~~


ouwh, thanx.. ^^

HEROICzero said...

x penah tau pon ade re-union ver.Utara? keh3x~

ayuku said...

Good Luck Asrul :)


adiL- sebab ko x dok kt utara..mai la kedah.. ;p
dalam FB fido yasin ade byk gamba

k.ayu- thanx! :)

ira kecik said...!!
ira pakai canon 1000d...try la..if nikon try d3100 k..
pas2 t da dpt no.5, 6, 7 n 8..
jgn lupekn sy yerr...~
gd luck yer..=)
hope dpt jumpe!!!gndu la...hahaha

.: D-Va :. said...

hehe. encik asrul boleh smbung master kat oversea plak. lg jauh dr aussie. nnt dia plak jeles :)


ira- i wish i had one now...huhu
raihan- i'm craving for that

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